Posted by Brad @ 4:42 pm on August 30th 2008

More on Sarah Palin

While Andrew Sullivan has gone gutter-fishing, the guys at Lew Rockwell are redeeming themselves.

Ryan McMaken has an interesting post up about Palin’s place in one facet of the third wave feminist movement.

If you’re into attachment parenting, “ecological” breastfeeding, baby-wearing, and such, Sarah Palin is apparently a minor celebrity.

Here she is signing a bill with her baby in a sling.

Here’s another one (signing a crime bill no less):

My wife informs me that if Palin actually were to campaign while wearing a baby, such an act would be both subversive and revolutionary, since, of course, the reigning orthodoxy is that motherhood and “success” are incompatible.

How’s that glass ceiling looking?


  1. The glass ceiling looks pretty shattered, but my god the view from the office in that first picture is spectacular.

    Comment by Cameron — 8/30/2008 @ 5:11 pm

  2. Oh. My point on the glass ceiling was here we have a woman and mother—not one that just plays it on TV—as governor and now Vice Presidential nominee, and the friggin’ knives are out.

    The contrast between Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin could not be starker. One’s a feminist icon who is clearly ready on Day One (she was, after all, married to a President!), the other is not a serious candidate at all.

    Comment by Brad — 8/30/2008 @ 5:19 pm

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