Posted by Brad @ 6:34 pm on July 5th 2008

The Freedom Revolution

On the 4th of July, a number of Ron Paul activists went live with a new site, The Freedom Revolution. Intended as a sort of companion site to the post Ron Paul Revolution, but to my mind serving just as much as a clearinghouse for both the new breed of libertarians (be they from the LP, paleoconservatives, progressives, whatever) as well as libertarianism, the site is more or less in beta stages now, but looks to have a lot of interesting potential. One of the problems I write about from time to time is I feel that the forces co-aligned under the “Ron Paul Revolution” banner are a pretty heterogeneous bunch, but there is undeniably a common thrust that links them, and while Ron Paul himself often served as the unifying figure, I don’t think it’s confined specifically to him. The problem of how to keep these disparate voices marshaled and focused, to the extent that that’s even possible, is the primary concern on the lips of all who have thrown in with liberty these last few years.

Hence, The Freedom Revolution.

I’ve been asked to be a contributor, so I’ll probably be submitting pieces over there every other week or so, which I’ll link back to here, and Rojas, I believe, may be putting in some appearances there too. For you readers, it’s boasting itself as pretty open source, so spread the word, and if anybody would like to submit articles or put themselves in for some column space, I’m sure they’d be happy to have you. One of the things they made clear to us early contributers was that they weren’t interesting in purity dogma; all voices are welcome. It is not a Ron Paul blog per se (though his influence is of course obvious), it isn’t a libertarian blog per se. It’s a site for the exploration of freedom and activism in this new age. If you’re a blogger or activist, you can give them a hand in these early stages by spreading the word.

I’ll also be throwing them up on the blogroll today.

Anyway, go check it out. Content is fairly sparse as yet (they’ve only been up 24 hours), but already there’s some provocative and interesting stuff up (readers of this blog may also recognize Jim Forsythe as one of the co-founders).

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