Posted by Brad @ 11:03 am on June 18th 2008

Mike Huckabee: a Manifesto?

Freedom Democrats makes note that Mike Huckabee is now writing a movement manifesto for his own campaign, to come out in November. This in addition to his PAC, and his gig at Fox News.

As FD notes, interestingly, the Huckabee people scored an assist to the Paul people, the two camps coming together in Idaho to oust the head of the GOP there (great article on it here).

From my own experiences with the Paul campaign (and just being on the ground generally), I can sure say that Huckabee supporters and Paul supporters don’t have a lot in common, philosophically. What moves them tend to be very different things. Huckabee himself has even provokingly set himself up as saving the GOP from libertarianism. But, over the course of the campaign, I think the two camps, at least from the perspective of the foot soldiers, gained a kind of foxhole respect for one another, a sort of underdog brotherhood, and both do represent bottom-up movements trying to cast off the yoke of the current Republican leadership, both hoping to replace it with very different things of course, but both comrades in arms in the interim (Rojas, incidentally, wrote a nice post awhile back called “Why Paul Supporters Should Respect Huckabee Supporters” which touches on this somewhat).

So it’s interesting to me to see both candidates taking almost identical routes in how they hope to funnel the energies behind their campaigns.

Visions of the end credits of Dr. Strangelove, with “We’ll Meet Again” sweetly playing in the background, keep going through my mind.

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