Posted by Rojas @ 12:33 pm on May 15th 2008

At last: President’s Question Time!

The Republican presidential contender also envisions April’s annual angst replaced by a simpler flat tax, illegal immigrants living humanely under a temporary worker program, and political partisanship stemmed by weekly news conferences and British-style question periods with joint meetings of Congress

A careful scientific analysis of this proposal reveals it to have an astonishing Rule-Win Quotient (RWQ) of 74.6, making it the Best Idea Ever (McCain’s previous high was an impressive 9.42 for “end ethanol subsidies”).

I have been waiting for an American equivalent to Prime Ministers’ Question Time for DECADES. I never thought I would see it in my lifetime. And what sheer, brazen cojones, for a candidate to say, “Elect me and I’ll let Congress grill me weekly.” Once again, McCain demonstrates his willingness to put himself on the line–agree or disagree with him on the issues, his sheer political courage is unquestionable.

Would this curb partisanship, as McCain proposes? Never in hell. What it WOULD do is impose a dramatically higher level of rigor and accountability on the Presidency; the ability to think on one’s feet would become a political prerequisite for the job. And that can only be a good thing. A very, very, very good thing. It also represents the kind of awesome, script-free, regularly conducted political theatre that can get the public interested in the policy process again. Finally, it recognizes and formalizes the legitimacy of legislative inquiry–not control, but inquiry–into the actions of the executive branch. Anyone concerned about the recent trend towards unchecked and unquestioned executive authority ought to rejoice.

We need to get this locked in. Let’s get Obama on record for-or-against on this–my guess is that he’d be forced to agree to it.

Oh…and everyone involved in the showdowns should be required to refer to each other as “My Right Honorable Friend”. You know, just because.


  1. I think that they are only ‘right honourable’ if they are members of the privy council (which includes all current and former members of the Cabinet). Otherwise, merely ‘honourable’.

    Comment by Adam — 5/15/2008 @ 3:25 pm

  2. We would, of course, be leaving the “u” out.

    Comment by Rojas — 5/15/2008 @ 3:33 pm

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