Posted by Adam @ 2:17 pm on April 30th 2008

Operation Demented

I haven’t been listening to Limbaugh’s show so I can’t judge how tongue-in-cheek he is over this whole ‘Operation Chaos’ thing, but I’m not sure, in any case, for how long the joke remains funny. In any event, according to Jonathan Martin, Limbaugh has ordered a restart to Operation Chaos after a mere day’s merciful respite for the terrified Obamites.

Myself, I won’t shed any tears if Clinton wins the Democrat nomination — although it’s not completely obvious that she’s that much of a weaker candidate than Obama, I still think that she is somewhat weaker, so as I support McCain I’m sort of OK with her winning — but the problem with being a self-proclaimed leader of conservatism is that it’s a lot easier to do when you’re leading them in the direction they’re already going. If you call for this sort of stuff and it, hmmm, falls flat, then whom exactly are you leading?

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