Posted by Brad @ 6:35 pm on April 27th 2008

Another Casuality In the Falkland Islands War


An Argentinian government minister has resigned after an encyclopaedia in which the Falkland Islands were called by their British name instead of the Spanish ‘Las Malvinas’ was sent to hundreds of schools.

Marta Torino quit as an education minister after the error provoked a wave of protests.

Argentine veterans of the 1982 Falklands War with Britain are considering taking legal action if the book is not withdrawn.

Publishers were paid 1million to print thousands of copies of the encylopaedia for children.

But instead of calling the islands Las Malvinas the name Argentina insists on using despite losing the war a map depicted the territory as the Falkland Islands and put the initials GB in brackets alongside.

The publishers have printed thousands of clarification slips, but critics want the entire encyclopaedia replaced with a version showing the islands under Argentine sovereignty.


  1. The islands are under British sovereignty, whether or not the Argentinians like that (they don’t). I don’t see why an encyclopedia should tell a de facto lie, although I can see why the naming might be changed (British maps have ‘Spain’ rather than ‘Espana’, for example, and I don’t think that anyone’s too bothered about that).

    Comment by Adam — 4/28/2008 @ 1:11 pm

  2. Is the issue just Spanish vs English? Something about this doesn’t compute; it seems odd to use a single English label of “Falkland Islands” on a Spanish language map. I’d be interested to know how other Spanish speaking countries refer to the islands. I don’t know if there is a Myanmar/Burma type conflict within the Spanish language or whether this is just an issue of two terms in two languages.

    Comment by Cameron — 4/28/2008 @ 1:40 pm

  3. No, it has little to nothing to do Spanish vs English and everything to do with the fact the Argentinians believe that the islands are theirs.

    It’s still a hot button issue in Argentina 25 years after the conflict. It’s repossession was part of the last two election promises and they still put forth their case to the UN every few years.

    Comment by Mark — 4/28/2008 @ 2:25 pm

  4. Their case sounds like ‘wah wah wah wah’, like the adults in Peanuts.

    Comment by Adam — 4/28/2008 @ 2:28 pm

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