Posted by Brad @ 3:59 pm on April 26th 2008

Dey’s No Killin’ What Cayn’t Be Killed. No Stoppin’ What Cayn’t be Stopped

That’s an obscure movie quote for you.

So, Alan Keyes, who had decided to run for the Constitution Party nomination, was handed a big bag of fail instead. As reported by Eric Garris at Lew Rockwell:

The Constitution Party just overwhelmingly defeated the warmongering neocon Alan Keyes by nominating Chuck Baldwin, 383 to 125.

Last night, CP founder Howard Phillips strongly denounced Keyes as a warmonger, neocon, and egomanic. Phillips was subsequently attacked by Jim Clymer, the CP national chairman.

In spite of Keyes bringing in a lot of delegates, the CP remained true to their anti-interventionist views and rejected Keyes.

I expect Mike Gravel to meet much the same fate.

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  1. A serious blow to the entertainment value of the CP in my opinion.

    Comment by James — 4/27/2008 @ 2:55 am

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