Posted by Rojas @ 11:31 pm on March 17th 2008

Paulites gone guerilla in KC

We’ve talked occasionally about the future of the Ron Paul Revolution. Brad in particular has made a point of echoing our friend Doug Mataconis in arguing against attempts to subvert the Republican convention in various ways. I tend to agree, but only to a point.

Tonight in Kansas City, the Paulites made headlines by effectively taking over several county conventions. These conventions were charged with selecting delegates to later conventions in the various Missouri congressional districts as well as the state Republican convention, which will in turn select the actual slate of pledged McCain delegates. Why do so?

“We all know that on the first ballot, we have to vote for McCain,” Holland said, but “we can also help affect the Republican platform, and bring it back to its conservative, libertarian values.”

Jackson County (suburban KC) proved a particularly contentious affair, eventually resulting in a walkout by the Republican party figures who showed up to run it:

After three hours, Ron Paul crowd impatience got the better of a 20ish young man with a smattering of high school debate experience, who’s name may actually have been “Point O’Information”. He bounded to his feet demanding to debate the unity slate nomination with a cry of “Ron Paul doesn’t compromise!” and placed an all Ron Paul supporter list into nomination.

Farrington looked to the Ron Paul organizers for assistance in calming down the crowd and backing the unity slate but discovered that getting Ron Paul supporters under one roof isn’t the same as leading them in one direction. At that point Farrington set his gavel down, left the podium and the auditorium along with the diminishing group of seventy Republicans regulars.

Well…with all due resepect to Mr. Farrington, boo-hoo-hoo.

I understand perfectly that it’s important not to make lasting enemies within the Republican Party. But it sure seems to me like the main objection Republican Party officials had to the Paulites’ tactics tonight was that they actually had the gall to show up and participate in the process. And when the group of Republicans present didn’t produce the results the hierarchy wanted, they chose to take their ball and go home.

Bottom line: while we Paul supporters should remember to be civil, it is also important that members of the Republican establishment not cry martyrdom over the mere fact that Paulites are organizing. There was a process established; the Paulites participated effectively in it; those who object to this merit not the least sympathy from any rational observer.

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