Posted by Adam @ 9:26 pm on February 28th 2008

Suck it the hell up

I caught a bit of MSBNC earlier (Tucker Carlson’s show, I think) where, in the process of decrying identity politics, Pat Buchanan launched off into some drivel about the need to lay off white guys.

Now, I like Pat Buchanan, even though I disagree with him on a lot — he’s an incisive and entertaining pundit — but Jesus wept, I’m sick of this. Because it’s just so damn hard to be a white male in this country, right? I mean, I just can’t count the times being a white male has held me back. If there’s one thing on which we can all agree, it’s that white males have it all stacked against them.

Pat also made the point that white males did all the dying at Gettysburg and during D-Day as some support for his argument.

Complain that there’s a thin end of the wedge and that certain race-based policies are part of it, point out that racial preferences have an unhappy history, remind people that affirmative action has hardly been a standout success in achieving its aims, comment that identity politics is divisive, but complaints that it’s somehow harder to be a white guy than any other combination of ethnicity and sex? Intimations that we are suffering from public attitudes against us? What a huge steaming heap of crap. Suck it the hell up, whiners.


  1. I took note that that tool, Tucker, was eating up Buchanan’s drivel (big surprise). Pat has been a quasi white supremacist for some time. Nothing new here.

    Comment by tessellated — 2/28/2008 @ 10:42 pm

  2. Just watched the clip.

    While I oppose affirmative action on principle, I recognize the problem of cultural racism against minorities, but I don’t think institutionalism racism against white males is the way to solve it. In terms of applying to college or grad school, it’s easier to get in, given equality in terms of scores and grades, as a black female than it is as a white male.

    Of course, the argument goes, a black female has to overcome cultural biases and hidden discrimination that evades anti-discrimination laws. Unfortunately, since that sort of discrimination is mostly under the table, it’s very hard to prove per se. There are also convoluting factors such as income and education level which further mire the analysis. Who has it easier? Obama’s daughters or some poor white kid in rural Montana?

    That said, Mr. Buchanan and Mr. Tucker are off their rockers if they thing there is cultural bias against white males. There isn’t. There is only select institutionalized bias against them in the form of affirmative action, which arguably offsets the cultural bias in _favor_ of white men (though exactly how much — and whether too much — is extremely difficult to quantify).

    Comment by anon4rp — 2/29/2008 @ 5:35 pm

  3. If he really made the argument that white males did ‘all the dying’ at Gettysburg and D-Day, I’m disappointed and shocked. It simply isn’t true and completely undermines his argument. It shows disrespect to all the non-whites that fought for America in those wars.

    In the Civil war in the North blacks wanted to enlist initially, but weren’t allowed to, as Lincoln feared it would lead to him losing the border states. When he finally allowed them to enlist in 1862, desparately in need of fresh recruits, black units were consistently given the worst jobs, and frequently kept from positions that would allow them to show distinction in the battlefield.

    The cases where they were put in the front lines, they fought with distinction (remember the movie Glory, for example).

    At Gettysburg specifically, there were about 200,000 Norther black soldiers fighting at Gettysburg. Over 30,000 died (a large portion of the deaths at Gettysburg were from disease, 2/3 amongst the whites, and far higher amongst the blacks).

    Black soldiers faced additional peril if captured as PoWs by the South.

    Mr. Buchanan may also have forgotten that there were blacks in the confederate Army

    As far as D-Day, there were blacks at D-Day. Notably, the 761st tank battallion known as ‘the black panthers’ one of general Patton’s favorites. He said that they lived up to their motto, “Come out fighting.”

    Over a million African Americans served in the US military in WWII. To the extent that blacks didn’t see action in both wars, it was frequently the result of prejudice–they would have preferred to be on the front lines, vice peeling potatos or other ‘menial’ tasks–a point that runs counter to Buchanan’s claim that the white man is being kept down.

    Sounds like Buchanan needs to take a visit to the recently established museum of black WWII history

    Comment by Leotie — 3/1/2008 @ 8:17 pm

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