Posted by Brad @ 2:59 pm on February 28th 2008

FISA – It’s About Protecting America

Also, why aren’t those goddamn telecoms giving us more campaign money?

“It’s quite discouraging,” said one GOP leadership aide, referring to the disparity in giving from the telecommunications industry in light of the FISA debate, but also the broader lack of support for Republicans from the business community in general.

“These companies just won’t do anything,” the aide said. “Even when you have the Democrats working against their bottom line.”…

[A Republican lobbyist said] “There’s no question that from time to time staff, and maybe some Members, say to fellow travelers: ‘Are you giving us some air cover? Are you helping us help you?’”

My guess would be that maybe not being willing to pay your own bills, and using the threat of withholding federal money to force telecom companies into the bad position of breaking the law and opening themselves up to not just legal prosecution but incredibly bad, dragged out PR, might not be the favor in your eyes that it is to their boards of directors. Not many industries are jumping up and down shouting for the opportunity of being bent over a barrel by the federal government and having to spend a year or more as every politician’s tetherball. But maybe that’s just me.

Nice catch from TPM Muckraker.

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