Posted by Brad @ 8:53 pm on December 30th 2007

The McCain-Romney War

While still fending off attacks from Huckabee and Thompson in Iowa, and mounting his own negative campaign swell there also, RCP has a very good roundup of the current knife fight in New Hampshire between Romney and McCain. It’s hard to even judge the veracity or integrity of these attacks at this point, but I think McCain might be right when he judges that the teeth coming out in such a big way from Romney is a pretty good sign that he’s in a tailspin.

That Huckabee-Giuliani nonaggression pact is starting to look like a damn good move on the Huckster’s part (anybody remember Giuliani?). The fact is, for Romney, that when you’re having to engage in these kinds of battles with everybody, and the other campaigns only have to do it with you, you’re not in great shape to come out unscathed or uncrippled.

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