Posted by Rojas @ 5:26 pm on December 27th 2007

If you’re disappointed by your Xmas haul…

…then visit the true stories in SomethingAwful’s “Worst Christmas Gifts,” and you’ll come away feeling a lot better:

A knockoff of one of those Hummel figurines that’s supposed to be a child praying to Jesus. This was from an alternate universe in which it was okay for the giant, mismatched eyes on the child’s swollen head to be looking in opposite directions from each other, for the hands to be fused together in a solid lump, and Christ’s name to be spelled Jasus.

During a 5th grade gift exchange dealy, we had to pick a name out of a hat. The kid who picked my name gave me a box with neon blue tigerprint thong underwear.

A few years back, my mom gave me and each of my brothers something that we can use to (supposedly) break our car windows after we crash into a river

Hey, it coulda been bees…

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