Posted by Adam @ 3:02 pm on November 30th 2007

More Giuliani forgiveness

Bill O’Reilly gets into the Giuliani-Romney immigration spat. Now, I don’t have any problem with Giuliani’s former immigration position, myself. I think that it made sense and makes sense, and not just because of the political ‘reality on the ground’ in New York City. O’Reilly moves from optimism to forgiveness:

With the improving situation in Iraq and the economy still fairly strong, illegal immigration may emerge as the top issue in next year’s election. Democrats are largely sympathetic to the plight of illegals, while Republicans are taking a harder line. All the GOP candidates know this is a core issue for conservative voters. So there’s little doubt that border security and employer accountability will be a mainstay of the Republican platform.

So is Rudy Giuliani soft on illegal immigration? Not anymore. And that’s what counts.

I don’t understand why some people care so little about track record. Sure, O’Reilly’s logic that Giuliani did what he had to, politically, in NYC can be applied to his presidential run too, but doesn’t that mean that he’ll say one thing to win the nomination and another to contest the Presidential Election that follows? In which case, O’Reilly has to believe that what the positions he prefers will be winners in the Presidential Election, too. That’s a fair way from ‘illegal immigration may emerge as the top issue’ (emphasis added) and by O’Reilly’s logic, if it doesn’t then Giuliani should damn well change his position again, right? Is O’Reilly’s real position that the best candidate is the one who panders most cynically? Also, if O’Reilly’s confident opinion is that anti-immigration rhetoric is going to be at the base of Republican success in November 2008, any of the candidates would be OK, surely, as long as they were sufficiently unprincipled so that they changed all their positions to match those of Bill O’Reilly?

No sane person expects a candidate to hold all their positions in the face of electoral reality, but if O’Reilly’s ‘not anymore’ is enough to excuse any previously-held position, why hold primaries and elections at all? Just elect a butter statue of a human being and remould it whenever the electorate’s opinion shifts.

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  1. I wonder if he gives Romney the same break on abortion then?

    Comment by Brad — 11/30/2007 @ 4:12 pm

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