Posted by James @ 12:46 am on November 30th 2007

Biden his time

I kind of like Joe Biden in that he is one of the few Democrats out there that don’t cause me to projectile vomit. I like his easygoing style and folksiness. However, he has a rather large mouth and feet to match, and he knows how to use them, whether blatantly or subtly, just as he did during a forum at Seacoast Media Group in Portsmouth, New Hampshire when he discussed his plan to decentralize the Iraqi government. See if this sounds familiar:

Now the last thing I want to accuse Joe Biden of is plagiarism, but that sounded an awful lot like what Ron Paul is suggesting for America. If Biden sees ‘his’ solution of a constitutionally mandated federalist system of government as the correct course in Iraq, how can he see it as wrong for the United States? Has he read our Constitution?

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