Posted by Jack @ 11:33 pm on November 29th 2007

Three Additions to the Blogroll

The Crossed Pond welcomes three additions to our blog roll:

Ed Brayton’s Dispatches from the Culture Wars

The select group of bloggers at Positive Liberty and

KipEsquire at A Stitch in Haste

As one of the new bloggers here at TCP, the original cast generously offered me the opportunity to add a few to the roll, and after a week of mulling it over, I think these are the best fit. I selected them based upon three criteria:

1) They are not one of the big boys in the blogosphere. Besides, we already have Kos, Sullivan, CQ, why add another huge blog that everyone already reads?

2) They have had, and continue to have, a significant influence on my political and economic philosophy

3) They overlap with the general political spectrum here at TCP, but with enough differences to widen the viewpoint. Thus they are, for the most part, small “l” libertarians, but, among other things, are not supporters of Ron Paul. I felt we had enough of those represented, and the Lew Rockwell crowd needs to be balanced with some of the dissenting voices in libertarian circles.

About each blog:

Ed Brayton was the first blogger I ever bookmarked, back when he used to write under St Cynic. He is a prolific poster with wide interests; you never know what subject you’ll find at Dispatches, but a large portion of his writing addresses constitutional law, the evolution-creationism debate, and civil liberties. Additionally, he livens things up with forays into the esoteric field of high stakes professional poker. Ed’s layman explanations of constitutional law issues, particularly Bill of Rights and Fourteenth Amendment subjects, have vastly improved my understanding of U.S. legal standards. He is a co-founder of Michigan Citizens for Science; a group that seeks to combat the neo-creationist attempts to pervert public school science education. Ed also blogs at The Panda’s Thumb and Positive Liberty.

Ed lead me to Positive Liberty, where five highly competent bloggers hold forth on constitutional law and libertarian economic theory, but often from a historian’s perspective. Positive Liberty is likely to have long and in depth analysis in a few posts, sort of the opposite of an instapundit style of blogging. If you are looking for extraordinary analysis of our founding father’s legal, political, economic, and religious beliefs, this is a great site for you. If you want a detailed discussion of Ludwig von Mises’ monetary theory, you’ll find it here, interspersed with less academic comment on modern society. Incidentally, that’s my quote just above their blogroll.

A Stitch in Haste is a recent addition to my daily read list. Uncompromising and unapologetic libertarian social commentary wrapped in sardonic wit, Kip’s blog and associated video blogging rarely fail to stimulate my thinking muscle. Kip often provides a surprising contrarian perspective on opinions that I might otherwise assume were settled wisdom in the libertarian or civil libertarian arena. He self describes as a gay libertarian econo-lawyer, which should give you a good idea as to the type and take of his posts. The Crossed Pond is listed in Kip’s Elite Eleven, which came as a pleasant surprise.

Now, go read them.

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