Posted by Brad @ 12:57 pm on November 29th 2007

Ron Paul in Michigan

As I wrote earlier, in a post that’s now largely factually inaccurate as things have shaken out, Michigan poses an interesting situation, in that the polling for it is now basically useless because the entire process has been upended. Essentially, it is now going to be an open primary with delegates awarded by congressional districts. What’s more, there won’t be a Democratic primary at all, due to the DNC turning it into a straw poll, and the only major candidate whose name is on the ballot is Hillary’s. So, it seems likely that interest in the Democratic race on the part of Democrats is going to be about as low as you can get. The good news for Ron Paul (and McCain) — they can vote in the Republican primary by showing up and asking for a GOP ballot.

There are a lot of factors swirling around that make it a state to watch. Eric Larson, now blogging at RedStateEclectic, takes a look at them, and his conclusion is worth reading. Essentially, it looks pretty good that Dr. Paul is going to leave Michigan with delegates.

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