Posted by Jack @ 8:40 pm on November 28th 2007

Rumor Mongering

Once again portions of the right blogosphere have activated their manufactured outrage circuits over the “lefty blogs” running with the Trent Lott – gay escort stories. They consider such rumor mongering juvenile and inappropriate, and accuse The Left of an unhealthy obsession with outing Republicans. A few points:

– I am not of “The Left,” but I do have a healthy obsession with exposing hypocricy, and sometime hat means outing, socially conservative Republican politicians. There, I said it. And I am completely comfortable with this… orientation. If you make the conscious decision, repeatedly, to assist, endorse and even lead the GOP in demonizing gays, if you support a wide array of legislation aimed at limiting equal access and protection under the law, and if you routinely tout your traditional family values, then you can expect that I, and many other straight but not narrow bloggers will gleefully crucify you when your non-traditional sexual escipades become public. Given how often this happens, I would have thought you had figured this out by now.

– Rumors regarding a high profile politician are standard blogger fare. To suggest otherwise is disingenuous, to express outrage is obviously ridiculous. I participated in all of this by including the male escort story, along with two other hypothesis, in my Trent Lott post because it was already out there, it was relevant, it had some promising leads, it was juicy as hell, and I wanted all the leading theories included, not just the happy-clean-family-safe-unembarressing options.

– The story, in light of some additional information, is most probably not true. It’s certainly not my leading option. But seriously, Rick Moran, to call the story “categorically false” based entirely on the word of the prostitute in question suggest a rather unexpected faith in the honesty of all mankind, including the gay kind, that you have previously not demonstrated. What could be behind your new found attitude, I wonder?

– The righty blogs that are tut-tutting the impertinence of these posts might want to address with their ideological brethren, most of whom are in your blogroll Rick, some rumor mongering over the Hillary ClintonHuma lesbian story.
In particular, you might want have a rather long sit down with the author of this head-trauma deranged post.

” I am not reporting it because it is a lesbian thang, I am concerned and distressed that a Muslim raised in Saudi Arabia would have such intimate access to a would be President.”

That derangment echoed and amplified at length here.

Hat tip: Alicublog and Sadly, No


  1. The woman behind the atlas shrugs site is deeply stupid. She provides ample evidence of this in her own videos. They showcase an exhibitionist past her prime trying to grab attention with what I presume she must think are tough, controversial (and therefore brave) messages. In reality, they are nothing more than brainless bumper stickers dirtied by the dead insect splatter of her ‘ideas’.

    Comment by tessellated — 11/28/2007 @ 8:56 pm

  2. I remember when Drudge had his siren over what turned out to be a non-story about John Kerry and an intern. Drudge ran with it as ‘reporting on the reporters’, except none of the reporters eventually published it because it was untrue.

    Comment by Adam — 11/28/2007 @ 9:01 pm

  3. Tessellated, absolutely, a ridiculous buffoon, the long standing punchline in many a blog post. The problem is that she represents, or at least mirrors, a rather large number of non-bloggin but often voting buffoons who are willing to buy into this sort of wankery.

    Adam, Drudge played his required roll in the Hillary story as well, which is exactly what we would expect an online tabloidish journalist source to do, and I can’t really condemn him for it, after all it was the Times of London that broke the story in the print media. What is there reputation?

    Comment by Jack — 11/28/2007 @ 9:26 pm

  4. The woman behind the atlas shrugs site is deeply stupid.

    And Evil as well.

    Comment by daveg — 11/29/2007 @ 9:42 am

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