Posted by Brad @ 7:17 pm on October 19th 2007

Oh, and Speaking of Going to the Mat for the Constitution

And speaking of Ron Paul, I’d be remiss to not post about his American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007 which he’s introduced in the House.

His speech to the House upon introduction:

Madam Speaker, today I am introducing a comprehensive piece of legislation to restore the American Constitution and to restore the liberties that have been sadly eroded over the past several years.

This legislation seeks to restore the checks and balances enshrined in the Constitution by our Founding Fathers to prevent abuse of Americans by their government. This proposed legislation would repeal the Military Commissions Act of 2006 and re-establish the traditional practice that military commissions may be used to try war crimes in places of active hostility where a rapid trial is necessary to preserve evidence or prevent chaos.

The legislation clarifies that no information shall be admitted as evidence if it is obtained from the defendant through the use of torture or coercion. It codifies the FISA process as the means by which foreign intelligence may be obtained and it gives members of the Senate and the House of Representatives standing in court to challenge presidential signing statements that declares the president’s intent to disregard certain aspects of a law passed in the U.S. Congress. It prohibits kidnapping and extraordinary rendition of prisoners to foreign countries on the president’s unilateral determination that the suspect is an enemy combatant. It defends the first amendment by clarifying that journalists are not to be prevented from publishing information received from the legislative or executive branch unless such publication would cause immediate, direct, and irreparable harm to the United States.

Finally, the legislation would prohibit the use of secret evidence to designate an individual or organization with a United States presence to be a foreign terrorist or foreign terrorist organization.

I invite my colleagues to join my efforts to restore the U.S. Constitution by enacting the American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007.

The most amazing thing about this Act, when you read it like that, is that A. all of these things have to be put in a bill at all, given as how most of them are sort of…well, foundational principles of American democracy that have been operating for hundreds of years, and B. that this bill, today, might be considered fringe.

It sort of puts it into perspective how far down we’ve gone. Thankfully, there’s one guy at the soapbox giving us an opportunity to reassert what this country is about.


  1. I think it was historian Charles Beard who said that the fastest way to get a reputation as a kook and a troublemaker is to go around saying the same things the founders said.

    And to think their creation has only been around for two hundred and thirty-some years. It sure didn’t take long for the American experiment to reach the precipice, did it?

    Comment by David M — 10/19/2007 @ 9:05 pm

  2. 231 years is a pretty good run I guess. :(

    Comment by Brad — 10/19/2007 @ 9:20 pm

  3. That is just a gorgeous piece of legislation, and an absolutely textbook example of why I love Ron Paul. How can it be that only one man is willing to stand up and say these things?

    I don’t know what Ron Paul will accomplish within his lifetime. But there is not the vaguest shadow of a doubt in my mind that history’s verdict on him will be glowing.

    Comment by Rojas — 10/19/2007 @ 10:34 pm

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