Posted by Brad @ 10:50 am on October 8th 2007

TheCrossedPond in the Orange County Register

As a bonus, it’s one of the best big media pieces I’ve yet read on the Ron Paul phenomenon. Plus, he wrote the anecdote better than I did. And, I’m glad that anecdote got passed on. It’s such a nice, inspiring story.

A Paul supporter and blogger from Pittsburgh who attended the rally told an interesting story. He had come to sell T-shirts to help finance what he hopes will be several hundred Pennsylvanians busing to New Hampshire the week of the primary to work for Paul. Toward the end of the rally a fellow who had been hanging around the table came over and plunked down a big wad of cash. He told them he wanted to be anonymous, but he wanted to buy a Ron Paul T-shirt for every child in the crowd (about 50) and have volunteers hand them out. Turns out he had already given the maximum $2,300 to the actual campaign, but he goes to campaign events and looks for other ways to help out.

That illustrates an aspect of the volunteer, grass-roots nature of the Paul campaign that may well be worth more than the $5 million in formal donations the campaign raised last quarter.

Like I said, great article.

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