Posted by Brad @ 5:15 pm on September 27th 2007

He’s Done It! Ron Paul Hauls Half a Mil!

Ron Paul asked supporters to help him raise an extra half a million dollars before the end of the quarter.

With three days to spare, they hit the mark about an hour ago.

They’re now shooting for a million, just to see if they can do it.

That’s incredible. Think of it, that’s nearly 20% of their TOTAL for last quarter, raised in three days, all online, with almost four days to go. That’s more money than Tancredo, Brownback, Hunter, probably have on hand. What a show of strength. And now they’ve got a shot at a cool million.

Fuck it. I’ve been tight this quarter, but I’m plopping down another 100. Match me, starting now (James already dug deep, so he’s exempt). Can you imagine the press of a guy everybody wants to dismiss raising a friggin’ million dollars online in a week? The shockwave of that is absolutely worth it to me.

Who’s with me?

Edit: Message from the campaign:

September 27th, 2007,

Frankly, I’m floored. And very, very grateful. Our $500,000 online fundraising goal for the end of the quarter was reached so fast it took my breath away. But we can’t stop now. So I am raising the bar to $1 million by midnight, September 30th. I am so grateful for all you have done. Would you help me with this?

Whenever I face a hit piece on tv, or a smear in a newspaper column, I remember my secret weapon: you. In establishment politics, people make campaign contributions because they want something: a contract, a subsidy, a special-interest deal. But the thousands of people who contribute to this campaign want no favors from big government — which must come at the expense of their fellow citizens, and sometimes our soldiers’ lives. They want only what is their God-given, natural, and constitutional right: their freedom.

What a difference from the other campaigns. What a refreshing change from politics as usual. What a sign of the reborn American freedom that can be ours, and our children’s, and our grandchildren’s.

Aggressive wars, income taxes, national IDs, domestic spying, torture regimes, secret prisons, Federal Reserve manipulation — we don’t have to take it any more.

And the next step to not taking it is that $1 million goal. Please give as much as you can, before midnight on Sunday, September 30th.

There are two reasons: 1) We need the money. As we move into the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, then South Carolina, California, Texas, and all the rest, we need your support. We can’t duplicate the spending of the big boys, and we don’t have to, thanks to the internet and our magnificent army of volunteers.

But we need constant website improvements, phone banks, voter registration and get out the vote efforts, mailings, travel, printings, many small offices, targeted TV and radio ads, legal and accounting help, and 101 other things. And without donors like you, we can’t do a darn thing.

2) I want to make the mainstream media sit up and take notice. They did when we beat John McCain for cash-on-hand in the last quarter. This quarter, we can really shock them — if you help. Our total can show the sort of enthusiasm, organization, and grassroots support that will chill every big-government backer, and warm the heart of every lover of freedom — and open the eyes of the media.

Please, help me win a victory for liberty with your most generous gift. You and I are engaged in an historic enterprise. It is growing in power and influence by the day and by the hour. But it will stutter to a stop without people like you. I need your help. Our cause needs your help. We can make $1 million. We can win this thing. Please help me do it. See our progress and donate today: .




  1. Matched.

    I’m still very much the cynic where the chances of an actual win are concerned. But $500,000 in three days is just staggering, no matter how you slice it. Win or lose, I’m buying media opportunitites for the most articulate spokesman my ideology may ever have.

    Comment by Rojas — 9/27/2007 @ 7:55 pm

  2. I matched you both! And my cynicism has melted away. He may or may not win the nomination, but he’s won awfully big regardless–the cause won’t die now, because of the people he’s inspired.

    Comment by Laura — 9/27/2007 @ 8:03 pm

  3. And all because of my photo.

    Comment by weltschmerz — 9/28/2007 @ 3:22 am

  4. The dark horse is becoming a couple of shades paler.

    The incomprehensible admission by the Dems top tier that they can’t guarantee that US combat troops will out of Iraq by 2013 if elected was stunning.

    Paul is now saying he is running a combo Barry Goldwater/Eugene Mccarthy insurgency campaign while his fundraising continues to increase. Someone might have to do an analysis of the closed/open primaries in the GOP slate…

    Comment by Kaligula — 9/28/2007 @ 7:05 am

  5. I tend to agree with you, Rojas. If nothing else, keeping him a thorn in the side of the other campaigns makes it all worthwhile to me.

    Comment by James — 9/28/2007 @ 11:32 am

  6. One day later, they’re already at $700,000. I frankly wouldn’t have thought they’d make $500k.

    Whether one’s a Ron Paul or not, the execution of this whole fundraising campaign has been tactically brilliant. Setting the specific goal to stimulate last minute donations, celebrating its achievement, then moving the goalposts a bit further to push the envelope…textbook stuff.

    We spend a lot of time talking about the excellence of the candidate, but for me, the campaign operations people are increasingly becoming the unsung heroes of this movement. Many Libertarians and neo-libertarians have spent their whole political lives supporting amateurish campaigns. It’s exciting to finally be associated with an organization that isn’t merely professional, but actually innovative in its professional approach.

    Comment by Rojas — 9/28/2007 @ 11:51 am

  7. I just donated another 50$.

    Go Ron Paul.

    Comment by weltschmerz — 9/28/2007 @ 3:09 pm

  8. Here’s what I wanna know. The figure at the website (now over $720k, and advancing at a rate of about $10K PER HOUR) has ended in .81 since early in the drive.

    What dingbat wrote them a check for a figure ending in 81 cents? I mean, granted, we’re a weird bunch, but that’s just plain bizarre.

    Comment by Rojas — 9/28/2007 @ 3:21 pm

  9. Over 850 large now. Look out.

    Comment by James — 9/29/2007 @ 2:58 pm

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