Posted by Rojas @ 11:20 pm on July 31st 2007

This just in: all candidates doomed

At the beginning of July, John McCain was doomed due to his quarterly fundraising and campaign reshuffle. At mid-month, Obama was doomed because he trailed Hillary in the polls, and Giuliani was doomed because his lead was slipping. Now, Fred Thompson is doomed because his exploratory committee didn’t raise as much money as some people thought it might.

I suppose that it’s no suprise that a story-eager media (and yes, I include the blogosphere in that description) would pounce upon and overplay early election trends. Still…jeeeeeeeez, people. At this stage in the last election cycle, Dick Gephardt was the Democratic frontrunner. And lest ye forget, a month before Iowa 2004, John Kerry’s candidacy was doomed.

Let’s try for some sense of perspective while reporting the trends. I mean, next thing you know, some dingbat will be claiming that Hillary’s doomed, or something.

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