Posted by Adam @ 12:37 pm on July 30th 2007

The Ango-US alliance

The BBC have as ‘breaking news’ the fact that Gordon Brown and George W Bush have vowed cooperation.

Well, knock me down with a feather.

I don’t think that there was any doubt that there was going to be a reaffirmation of the Anglo-US alliance; the US is very important to the UK and the US benefits to some extent from strategic alliance with the UK (even if it doesn’t need the UK’s military capability, as such, the UK’s military can work well together with that of the US, which isn’t true of most nations’ militaries, I am informed).

The important thing, surely, is the tone of the relationship and we can’t tell yet how that is going to be; we’ll have to wait until one of the two asks the other to do something.

The president said he found Mr Brown a warm, humorous man, far removed from the “dour Scotsman” image sometimes portrayed by the media.

But did he look into his soul?

UPDATE: Edited a US into a UK. They both begin with U, they both speak English and I have lived in both. Who can tell them apart?

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