Posted by Adam @ 2:58 pm on July 28th 2007

The strange case of Mohammed Haneef

Mohammed Haneef, an Indian doctor, was arrested a few weeks ago in Australia, accused of involvement with the Glasgow bombings. It turns out what one of the main guys involved in that was Haneef’s second cousin and Haneef had given him a SIM card from his mobile phone. The case against him wasn’t enormously strong and he was granted bail, wherupon the Australian immigration minister, Kevin Andrews, revoked his immigration status for failiing the ‘character test’, allowing him to be kept incarcerated. Anyhow, the criminal charges were dropped because the case was crap (including misidentifying the location of the offending SIM card by over a hundred miles) and he’s been allowed to leave Australia. He’s still planning to fight for the restoration of his work visa, which seems pretty fair, given that the government appear to have been acting on bad information.

Not the best way for this all to have proceeded, perhaps.

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