Posted by Rojas @ 3:57 pm on July 25th 2007

The Democrats and the Axis of Evil Summit

Striving as they are to create any kind of tension out of the Dems’ miserable “debate” hugfest, the media has seized upon the skirmish between Obama and Hillary over inviting hostile leaders to the US. Blogging the event live, I had this to say:

Here’s a questioner who wants a sort of meta-Axis of Evil Summit involving the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, and North Korea, hosted by the United States. Obama says yes, Clinton says, “that’s kinda stupid; we can’t have a freaking summit without a specific agenda.” Edwards is both for it and against it. Score one for Clinton.

Nothing that’s been said about the conflict since then has changed my mind. This strikes me as a pretty clear example of Obama telling the voters what he thinks they want to hear and Clinton answering the question the way a responsible commander in chief would. Which is strange behavior from Hillary–if she could bring herself to tell more politically inconvenient truths of this sort, my respect for her would increase substantially.


  1. Was Obama saying that there would be no agenda?

    Fortunately, I was doing something a lot more fun than watching the Debate, so I can’t say whether the question was definitely for a summit with no agenda, nor whether Obama wanted no agenda.

    Comment by Adam — 7/25/2007 @ 4:46 pm

  2. Obama didn’t specify the absence of an agenda; however, the question implied an invitation to discussion without preconditions, and Obama endorsed that concept (and has defended it in his statements since).

    Comment by Rojas — 7/25/2007 @ 5:07 pm

  3. I guess that the sense of that would depend upon at what level the discussions were carried out. You could imagine people meeting to work out what the agenda should be, but you wouldn’t have the top guys attending that first meeting.

    There is certainly no shortage of things to discuss, even if a happy resolution is unlikely.

    Comment by Adam — 7/25/2007 @ 8:10 pm

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