Posted by Adam @ 3:58 pm on June 28th 2007

A double handful of straws

Over at a happy Corner, there is partisan optimism. Rich Lowry thinks that the Dems’ not dropping subpoenas against the Whitehouse will hurt them more than it hurts the Republicans:

There’s really not much more damage that Democrats can do to Bush with this stuff. What are they going to do? Take him from 29% to 27%? But they can further cement their own role in the ongoing saga Inside the Beltway called, “Everything Everyone Hates About Washington.” Republicans can hope after another year-and-a-half of this both parties will have unpopular high-profile symbols, Bush for the Republicans and Congress for the Democrats.

Meanwhile, Jonah Goldberg, reacting to the excitement over Sorenson’s “Dream Speech” sees signs of, you guessed it, Democrat weakness:

Taking it a bit more seriously, I think Sorenson’s dream speech is actually a potential indicator of Democratic weakness. There’s a tendency among the activist base of the Democratic Party to, putting it delicately, get hung up on George W. Bush’s mistakes. Maybe you’ve noticed?

The problem with it is that everyone already knows that Democrats hate Bush, apparently.

Sorenson’s speech sounds like a fresh-start speech but it’s really just a rehash of the same stuff we’ve been hearing in a more passive-aggressive form. Indeed, the public policy formulations sound like they start from the premise that if Bush does X then not X is the wisest most enlightened position possible. That Ted Sorenson thinks this is a great speech for the Dems to give is barely interesting. That the editors of the Washington Monthly think it’s so great that it warrants the cover of the magazine may be a somewhat more interesting indicator of where liberals are right now.

Given that this comes in the wake of a humiliating battering for the President and bitter divisions within the Republican Party over the Immigration business, and with public opinion moving in the Democrat direction over Iraq (not unconnected, in my opinion), I think that it might be a little optimistic to be looking at Democrat weakness.

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