Posted by Brad @ 12:05 am on May 31st 2007

Ron Paul on Dennis Miller

Nice interview. Dennis Miller amazes me; when he’s right he’s right, when he’s wrong, he’s really, really wrong. He’s one of those guys that, after 9-11, became positively OBSESSED with Islamofascism. Everything is reducible to that, and he won’t be satisfied until every Middle Eastern country becomes a sheet of glass. How can he be, given his precepts? Listen to his answer after he has to concede to Ron that Iraq was no threat to us. “But what about bad intentions?” Wow. Or his take on Iraq as a stepping stone in a World War on radical Islam.

Thank God Dennis Miller isn’t running for office, Dr. Paul is, and Dr. Paul is, as always, classy and erudite.

Anyway, here it is.

Also a good editorial today in the Seattle Times titled “The GOP would be wise to listen to Ron Paul’s message”.

Two-thirds of Americans can now see that starting a war in Iraq was a mistake. The majority of Republicans still do not see it. Eventually they will, but it’s hard to go against their own president unless one of their own makes them do it.

That may be the usefulness of Rep. Ron Paul…

It is fairly clear now that America will leave Iraq, and not in triumph. It will be tempting for the Republicans to blame the result on the Democrats, because that would mean that the Republicans were “right” in some theoretical way. But they were not right. They did not understand Iraq, or the history of imperialism or much of anything

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  1. It’s somewhat bizarre that Ron Paul is somewhat defined in the public debate by his opinions on Iraq when, however you look at it, his opinions on Iraq grow from an underlying set of beliefs and opinions that deserve looking at. Iraq dominates every conversation, however.

    Comment by Adam — 5/31/2007 @ 6:27 am

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