Posted by Brad @ 2:09 pm on May 29th 2007

The Free Republic’s Giuliani Purge

Jim Robinson, the nutbag who long ago decided Free Republic was his own personal kingdom and everybody who visited the site was only there to listen to what he had to say, has apparently been on quite a tear lately, “putting his house in order” by clearing out everybody who supports Rudy Giuliani.

I posted at Free Republic a bit around 2002, but ultimately, though there were some nice and reasonable people around there, the site as a whole was too close to self-parody for my tastes, and JimRob in particular is just insufferable.

And while I can sympathize with the anti-Rudy zeitgeist in some of those circles, it’s not how you run a website. But, it does give me one more reason (as if I needed it) to not wander back into what is one of the vilest and dankest corners of the conservative blogosphere.


  1. I am so intimidated by Rudy I have now decicated an entire site just to higlight my own insecuritites. Rudy is a better man than I will ever be!

    Go Rudy Go!

    Comment by Jim Robinson — 5/31/2007 @ 10:57 am

  2. Not intimidated, just a sycophantic lick-spittle to whatever authoritarian strain of Republicanism comes along. Frankly, I don’t even think you give a rat’s ass about putting forward a positive agenda for the country; you’re just concerned with propping up whatever tinpot dictator figure allows you to most fire off hollow rounds at Democrats and secular cowards (real or imagined; as if there’s a difference). Whatever political figure most allows you to play the “America Under Threat!!!” card (omg abortionists, Islamofascits, RINOs, Clintons, academia, yadda yadda yadda), you’re there. You just love to play “America and God-Fearing Christians as Grand Victims”.


    Comment by Brad — 5/31/2007 @ 1:16 pm

  3. I am not sure that that is the actual Jim Robinson, Brad.

    Comment by Adam — 5/31/2007 @ 1:17 pm

  4. So I guessed. :) As I said, cathartic though.

    Comment by Brad — 5/31/2007 @ 1:18 pm

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