Posted by Adam @ 5:33 pm on May 29th 2007

I, for one, welcome our evil corporate overlords

In a Corner post en route to making a larger point, Victor Davis Hanson says:

12 million illegal aliens: the amoral, nationless corporate right wants cheap labor any way possible, the government to pay for the ensuing entitlement costs, cares little about the stability of its own country, and figures its own elites have enough privilege to shield themselves from the social consequences…

It’s not entirely clear to me that the stuff about the corporate right isn’t a charicature of a lefty objection (although the rest of his post doesn’t appear to be) but there has been some chat on the Corner about the evil elites, on the subject of immigration and the immigration hawks do sometimes pursue an anti-corporate agenda in their zeal for closed borders and mass deportation. So let’s, for the sake of argument, take it at face value, whilst not directing our ire at VDH, who may have been jesting.

What utter tosh. The argument as presented treats the government as an entity whose benificence is being abused, but as conservatives, firstly we don’t believe that, secondly we haven’t forgotten where the money that government spends comes from and thirdly we know how important corporations are in providing that money both directly and indirectly. Yes, there are plenty of cases to be made against ‘amnesty’ or ‘normalisation’ or continued illegal immigration, etc, but treating corporations as faceless schemers gnawing away at the roots of our society in their evil and instiable quest for profit is the talk of the lefties, not the Right. Corporations pay taxes. They create jobs for theiremployees, who pay taxes on the money that the corporations pay them. Their performance makes stockholders money, on which they pay taxes; the same people pay taxes on dividends. Before we wax hysterical about the amoral corporations and others who benefit from cheap labour (from farmers to bars and restaurants to small companies, etc), let’s not forget where the nation’s engine is located.

I welcome the debate on immigration; let’s, as conservatives, conduct the debate as conservatives. Stealing the populist clothes of the Left is a victory for the Left, even before outcomes are apparent.

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  1. Open the borders completely, 100%, and get rid of all entitlements.


    Comment by weltschmerz — 5/30/2007 @ 3:03 am

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