Posted by Brad @ 7:34 pm on May 27th 2007

CEO Firings Still on the Rise

From the world of business.

Related to CEO renumeration, an interesting market report by Booz Allen Hamilton finds that worldwide, nearly one in three CEOs are leaving involuntarily, continuing a steady increase in forced retirements since Booz Allen started their annual survey of such things in 1995 (about 60% increase in CEO turnover from 1995 to today)(though the rate of increase finally declined a tad this year from last).

Mergers account for a big chunk of that, but still, a large portion seems to be related to the now-common practice of fishing for outside CEOs, rather than promoting from within. It’s pretty en vogue these days for stalwart companies to bypass the promote-from-within mentality of yesteryear and instead gun for hotshot, company-hopping executives who promise big short term, and don’t last long term.

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