Posted by Brad @ 5:12 pm on March 24th 2007

Judy Giuliani Watch

Now listen, I’m not one to harp on people’s personal lives. Far be it for me.

But I still can’t get past this Judy Giuliani stuff. She seems like a very nice lady. But, maybe because my own father left our family under similar circumstances, I can’t get past the creepiness factor. Everytime she speaks about her and Rudy’s relationship, I inwardly wince a little. This is, mind you, a big part of the personal narrative that the Giuliani people have to sell to the American public. Character matters, personal history and biography matters, and, frankly, muck and tabloidism matters. And, as Laura mentions, when you’re the frontrunner this far out…well, that’s just all the more time and scrutiny. And I’m just not sure that Rudy’s life looks all that…clean. Or laden with much in the way of….values.

Is it just me?

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  1. I don’t think it’s just you, Brad. You may have hit on a factor that hasn’t really been considered (and one of those intangibles that’s tough to measure): while there are a lot of us out here who have been connected to divorces in our families–and a good number of them not completely unlike the Giuliani situation–while most of us can reconcile with the situation after a period of time–we don’t like to have our noses rubbed in it, and Judy Giuliani’s attitude sometimes strikes me as doing that. The Giuliani’s seem to go beyond what most of us have had to deal with though–they seem to be serial divorcers, and whether overtly or subliminally, their situation may remind a lot of people of bad times in their lives–which could work against the Giuliani candidacy, given the amount of time that will have to percolate. They might be able to “make the sale”–then again, as the American public starts paying more attention and doing more “product research,” they might not.

    Comment by Laura — 3/24/2007 @ 8:06 pm

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