Posted by Brad @ 6:25 pm on February 28th 2007

Ron Paul Watch….

On Lou Dobbs’ program Monday (with an added benefit: no Lou Dobbs):

It’s time to start ponying up, if you ask me. The second he announces officially, I’m in for as much as I can squeeze out (not much). I’ve already signed up as a volunteer/supporter. You should too.

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  1. Neat article. A blogger who went to see HRC speak, and then Ron Paul.

    I was already somewhat familiar with Texas Congressman Ron Paul before I went to hear him speak at a private reception in Pembroke. I was aware that he had voted against the Patriot Act. Twice. (In both 2001 and 2005.) I was also aware that he had been a leading critic of the war in Iraq. I don’t normally give Republicans much of a hearing, but based on what I had heard, Ron Paul deserved a chance. I was in for a pleasant surprise.

    Paul began his speech in a refreshing way, by expressing his own reluctance to run for President. Paul is still in an exploratory phase, not having yet officially declared his candidacy. He spoke frankly about that reluctance to enter the race, explaining that he’s not entirely sure he wants the job, but feels that his message is very important. He said that in the coming weeks he would determine whether he thought he could carry that message effectively. I found that attitude refreshing, especially in an age dominated by pompous politicians who feel that they are uniquely qualified to rule over us. Paul doesn’t feel uniquely qualified. And he doesn’t seem to want to rule over us. His focus is on his message, which is essentially that America needs a new direction. He noted that some people had accused him of not being a “strong leader,” but he rebutted that accusation: “Sometimes being a strong leader means resisting the temptation to use power.” During his time spent in Congress, Paul has consistently resisted the temptation to use power. He is consistently ranked among the highest members of Congress by civil libertarian groups for his commitment to American liberties.

    Not all just summery; the author’s personal impressions too, which conclude:

    For my part, I hope Paul decides to run. In a weak field, Paul is a true champion. America is at a critical crossroads. Our liberties have been trampled. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are in shambles. Our reputation has been tarnished internationally by decades of provocative foreign policy. Paul is the only candidate thus far who seems interested in reversing that trend. And for that, if he runs, he has my vote.

    Good read; also includes video from the speeches.

    Comment by Paint CHiPs — 3/1/2007 @ 6:32 pm

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