Posted by Adam @ 2:27 pm on February 26th 2007

Blair defends the Iraq mission

Via Andrew Sullivan, a radio interview (apologies, realmedia) with Blair over Iraq, from Radio 4’s always interesting Today Program.

Sully picks out the relative toughness of interviewing of politicians in the UK, which is far comment, I think. Also worth pointing out that senior British politicians will put themselves through this in an attempt to make their point, even, on occasion, the PM. It’s a pretty healthy way to conduct political discourse, I think (but then, I grew up with that tradition, so I would).

The interview is from last week (so, not breaking news); I used to listen to Today over the web every morning, but have become somewhat lax. I should get back into that, I think (I am reading UK political blogs like Dizzy Thinks and Iain Dale, both right-of-centre). You can get access to the whole recorded show by clicking through from their homepage. The show runs from 6am to 9am GMT, so recorded is the only way that I’m going to get it (my dedication to being current doesn’t stretch to getting up at 1am EST to listen to it).

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