Posted by Adam @ 7:43 am on February 25th 2007

Hillary’s Clinton problem

Hopefully, I am the lucky 10 000th blogger to use that post title. The rest of the post will be, I fear, no less obvious.

Following the Geffen-Clinton-Obama spat, it appears that Team Hillary has decided that there mustn’t be any mention of the bad stuff from Bill’s era. Presumably, she wishes just to be suffused with a happy glow, that my fellow limeys might remember from the Ready Brek ads, as she talks warmly of the Clinton years.

This, I probably don’t have to mention, is a crock. She needs a strategy to deal with this because even if she were able to mute her Democrat rivals (she won’t be able to) and win the nomination, she’s still going to hear a lot of it in the presidential election campaign. Clearly, she wants the warmth from the parts of the Clinton years in the Whitehouse that many people remember fondly, but man, she needs to find a way to deal with the fact that everyone knows that he was a womanising, pardoning, Lincoln-bedroom-renting wide boy.

This isn’t a swift boat issue where a perceived campaign strength is combated with dubious, but politically powerful, claims; this is something that took place recently and was examined thoroughly by a prosecutor with subpoena power. There are plenty of accepted facts and so long as no one starts on the they killed Vince Foster sort of lunacy, she has to suck it up. This all assumes, of course, that more information about the Clinton Whitehouse isn’t about to leak once the race hots up anyhow; there must be former Bill Clinton staffers, other than Dick Morris (I had to link that site, which is run by Dick Morris, because it mesmerises me, like a car crash), who aren’t onboard the Good Ship Clinton this time around. Those people may have some interesting stuff to say.

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