Posted by Adam @ 10:40 am on February 25th 2007

Frank Luntz’s solutions for the GOP

Frank Luntz has a recipe for GOP success. It turns out that they should be running for governmental office based on a commitment to be conservative and good at governing. Fancy that. In particular, key recommendations include:

  • No earmark pork
  • Support running a balanced budget
  • Stop the grabbing of Social Security surpluses to make the balance books look healthier than they are
  • Make tax increases hard

Might just be too obvious for the GOP, who know that what conservative and centrist voters really want is for their future to be mortgaged so that lobbyists can direct legislative priorities to benefit their clients.


  1. So, the question is, of the candidates in the Republican field, do any of them look like they might take Luntz up on this in anything more than the most cursory way?

    I don’t really see any, at least of the big ones. Mitt Romney did pretty well with MA (but I still think he never makes it to Iowa), Huckabee has some credits to his name on these scores (which is why the socons dislike him), and Ron Paul would certainly be a monster success here. But McCain, Giuliani…neither strike me as very likely prospects for serious commitment to these kind of measures.

    Comment by Paint CHiPs — 2/26/2007 @ 1:39 am

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