Posted by Brad @ 4:28 pm on February 23rd 2007

Hugh Hewitt and General Odom

I have to admit that Hugh Hewitt is one of my least favorite people and, to my mind, pretty emblematic of nearly every single bad thing about the current Republican party that I would care to name (“but tell us how you really feel…”). But his show has gotten significantly better lately, and whatever else might be said of him (and there is much), he’s had the balls to bring on his program very smart proponents of the positions he disagrees with, and meet them in a more or less open field of battle. Say that for Hugh Hewitt.

So, this interview with General William Odom was a welcome read. General Odom wrote a very good editorial last week called “Victory is not an Option”. He favors more or less immediate withdraw from Iraq.

Hewitt certainly does not treat him fairly, but it’s his show, why should he? What is instructive though is to listen to one of the most emblematic voices of the pro-war right arguing against a very well-versed and intelligent member of the anti-war pro-withdraw military. It is not the shellacking that Andrew Sullivan paints it out to be–both get in their licks–but it is instructive into the almost anti-intellectualistic voice of the pro-war side by now, and the calm, reasoned, almost anti-hysteric voice of the anti-surge, pro-withdraw side. How utterly unlike the representation that many media umpires give to that debate sometimes, but read it for yourself.


  1. I wonder, about hacks like Hewitt that claim a veneer of respectability (unlike, say, Michael Savage), when the Dread Realisation sets in. Hewitt has a strong stomach (remember his defence of Harriet Miers’ nomination) but there’s only so much anyone can swallow. I think that there’ll be some more support for the surge but if it doesn’t look like it’s going good in a few weeks from now, it’s going to be a game of pin the blame on the mule.

    Comment by Adam — 2/23/2007 @ 5:34 pm

  2. Damn, that guy writes articulately…I can’t believe he’s in the military. Well…okay, my mom was a captain in the Air Force, and I guess she’s not an idiot. Well…umm…nevermind.

    Comment by weltschmerz — 2/26/2007 @ 7:21 pm

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