Posted by Adam @ 2:23 pm on February 23rd 2007

Brief round-up.

It’s a slow news day today. Here are some of the stories so far:

Vilsack’s out, claiming campaign fund poverty. Tom, we hardly knew you.

Fresh from the great success in Iraq, 1000 additional British troops are to be sent to Afghanistan, where there have been claims of troop shortages for some time. Perhaps they will bring the sweet smell of success with them.

Tougher sanctions against Iran are proposed. Given the enormous difficulty of doing anything brutally military against Iran, although this Kossite isn’t convinced that it’s not going to happen anyhow, it seems to me that failing to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons may be the real price of failure in Iraq, whilst also imposing its own timetable for the stabilisation of Iraq. If Iraq’s a tinderbox and an attack is launched on Iran, what will happen then?

Dick Cheney, for whom a World Tour of countries whose governments support US foreign policy wouldn’t earn him as many airmiles as he might once have hoped, is in Australia pushing the ‘They want the Caliphate back’ line for Why They Must Be Stopped. Domination of the Galaxy will surely follow.

Meanwhile, from Dizzy, we have this link to squirrel fishing. I hate squirrels. Socially acceptable rats is all they are.

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