Posted by Adam @ 8:04 pm on February 22nd 2007

Overexaggeration Status: Severe

Not satisfied with overstating the terrorism threat, it appears that the extent of Iran’s documented nefarious involvement in Iraq has also been overstated. Are the American voters going to become irritated with this, or do they prefer an overstated case? Alternatively, is it that the only way to get significant attention is to overstate the case, much as environmentalists, immigration restrictionists, etc, do?

Anyhow, from the article:

But the U.S. officials acknowledge that what the briefer said in Baghdad is only a deduction—in other words a guess, perhaps even an educated guess.

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  1. […] is a nuclear Iran, but the character of the rhetoric isn’t promising. Building the case on exaggerated intelligence and low-balling the difficulties doesn’t have a great track record thus far. I don’t […]

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