Posted by Adam @ 12:43 pm on February 18th 2007

Democrats stomping over Republican minority

OK, so I could buy the “push our 100 hours stuff through because that’s why were elected” argument, but the House Democrats either need to give the Republicans a chance (rather than treating the Republicans like they treated the Democrats, as the Democrats treated the Republicans before then, etc) or the House rules need changing, or else we should just be happy with the fact that the House is a one party organisation (which is as it has been for much of the time, of course; it’s not new). The WP has an article on it:

“It sounds like we’re not doing what we said we would do — I understand that,” House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) said Tuesday.

Why yes, Steny, funny you should mention that.

It’s early days yet, and one might even hope that the cacophonous whining of many Republicans about media bias will subside* as the media do point this stuff out. I also don’t care so much about the situation in the Senate, where the minority have teeth of their own (another reason why the Senate looks like the most functional strand amongst Legislature and Executive). My problem with the House is the power over what gets onto the floor; in the Senate, that power is moderated by the ability of the minority to block other stuff, but in the House, the minority can’t even get votes to the floor that would pass if the Speaker doesn’t want that vote to take place. That’s undemocratic; I think that Americans would prefer for the minority to at least get some stuff voted on. The fact that the Speaker can prevent votes taking place where he or she fears that party discipline would break down, is just a prop for the strength of the partisan politics in the House.

*I’m joking. They whine in the same way that they breathe.



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